Fishing at Stadheimfossen Camping & Hytter

Hellesylt is one of the most famous tourist areas in Norway. In spring, summer and autumn, the place is perfect for fishing and hiking. In winter it’s perfect for skiing.

Hellesylt (with a population of 650 locals) has long traditions in tourism. The changing and varying nature often impress people so that they come to visit the beautiful nature personally. Every year, Hellesylt is visited by about 100 large cruise ships, amongst those «Queen Mary II» and «The World».

There are plenty of mountain peaks that invite you to go hiking. You don’t have to be a professionell climber to visit the mountains. There are lots of tracks and farm roads you can walk on for as long as you like, and almost every track leads to one of the valleys. You can quench your thirst with crystal clear water from a mountain stream, experience the silence and the relaxing wilderness. The mountains are full of new impressions and it really is a diversion to everyday life. If you don’t want to take a walk, you can travel by car. Either way you will experience the nature’s special and wonderful charm.

Fishing at Stadheimfossen Camping & Hytter

The river Korsbrekkelva offers a golden opportunity and is well known for salmon fishing. It runs directly next to the camping area. There have been caught salmons with a total weight of 25 kilos in this river. If you want to fish for trout in other lakes, a fishing license is required (information at the reception desk).
On a hot summer day, Sunnylvsfjorden is the perfect place to go bathing because of ist pleasant temperaures.

Stadheimfossen Camping is the ultimate starting point for some of the most famous tourist places in western Norway: Geiranger with the world-famous fjord, Trollstigen, Briksdalsbreen and Norangsdalen.

Many people visit us year after year, and we hope you are (or will become) one of them. Enjoy your stay!